February 4, 2023


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Zamzam restaurant opens new outlet

Restaurant chain, Zamzam, has expanded its reach and opened a new outlet in Samabula.

Zamzam restaurant employs about 20 locals and will create more employment opportunities for its newly opened outlet.

Owner Rashida Khatun Nisha says this is a result of her sacrifice over the past six years.

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“I started really small, in a small space. As my business started to pick up, as well as my customer base, I decided to expand the business and move to a bigger space. I am fortunate to have been offered a bigger space by my landlord, in a brand new building that has opened today.”

Nisha says the new outlet not only features a bigger and better space but extended business hours as well for those that wish to use their service at night.

The Labasa businesswoman has established her mark in the local market and is well-known for her signature Fiji Indian cuisine.

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