February 2, 2023


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YouTube sorry for taking down music stream

[Source: BBC]

YouTube has said sorry for taking down two of its most popular music streams in response to a bogus copyright claim.

The Lofi Girl channel – famous for its anime-inspired thumbnail – plays relaxing hip-hop music on a loop as a study and sleep aid.

On Sunday, its creator announced its “radios” had been silenced after two years of continuous streaming, sparking an outcry from fans.

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YouTube has since confirmed the original claim was “abusive”.

Lofi Girl has built up 10 million subscribers with its regularly updated mixes of low-fidelity, instrumental music.

It has inspired countless memes, Halloween costumes and even a quarantine parody version by Oscar-winning actor Will Smith.

The channel’s two streams – beats to relax/study to and beats to chill/sleep to – have almost 800 million combined views and have racked up 21,000 hours of playtime.

When both went down, fans were quick to assume it meant the death of “a hugely important part of YouTube culture”.

One wrote: “Lofi girl has helped me survive so many stressful study times. I loved watching ‘live’ and knowing that many people were also listening too.”

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