With These Healthy, Yummy Options, Your Thrive Membership Pays for Itself

Thrive Market is on a mission to make grocery shopping more sustainable, more affordable, and arguably easier than ever before. The US-based membership-only shopping platform is pretty simple. First, you become a member, and after that, you have access to a wealth of groceries, many of which are vegan, organic, and non-GMO, and are cheaper than the versions you’ll find at most mainstream grocery stores.

And soon, Thrive Market will become even more accessible. Beginning February 26, the online retailer will accept SNAP EBT payments—officially becoming the first exclusively online grocer to accept SNAP. Customers will be able to pay for their groceries using EBT, and EBT cardholders looking to become new Thrive members will also be eligible for free membership. 

Intrigued? Here are some of the best vegan products (listed in no particular order) you’ll have access to if you choose to start shopping with Thrive. Plus, they’ll be delivered to your door via carbon-neutral shipping methods, too.

Our top vegan picks from Thrive Market


1 Daring Plant-Based Chicken Pieces

Daring’s plant-based chicken pieces are one of the most realistic vegan chicken products on the market. But that said, they’re made with only a handful of simple ingredients, including corn flour and soy protein. They’ll seamlessly blend into any dish you would usually make with chicken, like curries, pastas, and fajitas, for example.

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 33%

VegNews.veganfoodthrivemarket.JustEggEat Just

2 Just Plant-Based Folded Egg

For a quick, easy, chicken egg-free, protein-packed breakfast sandwich, vegan brand Eat Just has created a folded version of its signature plant egg product. All you need to do is pop it in the toaster, wait a few minutes, and then it’s munch time. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 15%


3 Justin’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s may have developed its own vegan peanut butter cups now, but it’s far from the only brand offering a dairy-free alternative to its original recipe. These Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups by Justin’s are creamy, rich, and super addictive.

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 20%

VegNews.veganfoodthrivemarketchili.thrivemarketThrive Market

4 Thrive Plant-Based Chili With Beyond Meat

If you’re looking for a convenient lunch to take to the office, then this microwavable pouch of plant-based chili with Beyond Meat crumbles and black beans is probably about to become your go-to. Not only is it easy to pop in your bag, but it’s also deliciously smoky, satisfying, and packed with protein. Plus, it’s gluten-free!

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 23%

VegNews.veganfoodthrivemarket.PrimalKitchenPrimal Kitchen

5 Primal Kitchen Vegan Queso

If you’re hosting a TexMex banquet, or you’re just chilling on the couch with a bowl of nachos, one thing is for certain: you’re going to need a good queso dip. This one by Primal Kitchen, which has just a mild hint of spice, is totally dairy-free, and it’s just as creamy and satisfying as the original.

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 20%

VegNews.veganfoodthrivemarket.OathausOat Haus

6 Oat Haus Granola Butter Birthday Cake

If you were lucky enough to have a funfetti cake as a kid, consider this Oat Haus jar of granola butter—which features ingredients like natural sprinkles, gluten-free oats, and maple syrup—your gateway to unlocking some seriously nostalgic memories. While you can enjoy this spread directly out of the jar with a spoon, it’s also delicious on toast, in milkshakes, and over oatmeal. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 37%

VegNews.veganfoodthrivekitchen.lotusfoodsLotus Foods

7 Jade Pearl Rice Ramen

Most ramen options contain wheat noodles, which is bad news for anyone who is intolerant or chooses not to eat gluten. But good news! These noodles by Lotus Foods are made with rice flour and bamboo extract, so they’re totally gluten-free. Even better, they have a delicious seaweed flavor and can be ready in just a few minutes. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 22%


8 Kibo Spicy Ranch Lentil Chips

Most potato chips are fried, but while these spicy lentil chips from Kibo are just as crispy and crunchy as other options on the market, they’re actually baked instead. This means they’re healthier for you too, as they contain 40-percent less fat. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 32%


9 Brami Italian Snacking Lupini Beans Variety Pack

Brami’s pickled lupini beans are sure to become your new favorite afternoon snack. They’re protein-packed and fiber-rich, but they’re also super tasty too. This pack comes with all three flavors: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Chili & Lime, and Garlic & Rosemary. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 30%


10 RollinGreens Plant-Based Me’Eat Ground Taco Meat

Planning a last-minute taco night? Don’t bother faffing about making your own taco meat, because RollinGreens’ Plant-Based Me’Eat is pre-prepared, made with wholesome ingredients (like peas, beans, and vegetables), and can be ready in less than 10 minutes. 

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 33%

VegNews.NutritionalYest.Nooch.ThriveMarketThrive Market

11Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast (also known as nooch) is one of the best, most versatile plant-based ingredients around. It adds a deliciously cheesy, nutty taste to whatever you pair it with, and it’s often loaded with vitamins, like that all-important B12, too. For more tips, follow our guide to 16 delicious ways to use nutritional yeast.

Thrive Market savings compared with retail: 38%

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