February 2, 2023


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West welcomes successful transition to Digital TV

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The wider Western region has welcomed a smooth transition to Digital transmission from analogue television services last Sunday.

Through a mix of terrestrial and satellite technologies, Walesi is expanding broadcast coverage across the nation for Fijians who otherwise could not access free-to-air television before.

Residents living along Deuba to Natadola, Matawalu, Lautoka to Natovi, and Tailevu can now expect better television sound and picture quality, fewer signal interferences and a more comprehensive selection of free-to-air channels.

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Viewers can even record their favourite programs or shows on a compatible USB drive for later enjoyment.

All of these have been made possible after the successful switch to digital television.

Another advantage of the digital platform apart from the great picture and sound quality is that it remains connected even during inclement weather, allowing Fijians to continue to get updates.

Chief Executive, Sanjay Maharaj says villages and communities in primarily rural and remote areas deserve the same reliable and uninterrupted information as those in urban areas.

Maharaj says Walesi will continue to provide free Set-Top Boxes to every household that has a combined annual income of up to $30,000 and UHF Antennas at a subsidised cost.

To date, Walesi has distributed 217,358 set-top boxes

Walesi is a 100% Fijian-owned Company and its shares are 100% held by the Fijian Government.


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