January 31, 2023


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Villagers react quickly following TC Ana

Nalalawa village elder, Iliorevi Waqakece.

Most Fijians in the Ra province have reacted quickly to rebuild and rehabilitate after the passing of Tropical Cyclone Ana.

FBC News visited a few villages in the province this morning.

Villagers were seen using whatever resources they have to sustain them while waiting for assistance from relevant organizations and the government.

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Nalalawa village elder, Iliorevi Waqakece says about five houses were submerged yesterday with household belongings as well as farms.

“The Wainibuka River rose rapidly in the early hours of Saturday. I told the villagers to not worry about the belongings and just move to evacuation centres as life is more precious.”

Waqakece adds villagers particularly the elderly will be taking shelter at the community hall for some time considering the current situation.

“We are hearing over the radio about the heavy rain warning so we decided for villagers who reside in low-lying areas to remain in the evacuation centre until the weather turns fine.”

Tobu Villager, Marika Nakicobula says following any disaster the villagers react quickly to rebuild and rehabilitate which has strengthened their resilience.

“About 10 houses in this village were underwater yesterday. This is the first time to experience the water level rose rapidly within minutes. Most of our farms have been destroyed.”

Meanwhile, road contractors were seen clearing debris and landslides along the Kings road and villages situated along the Wainibuka River are still without electricity.

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