February 2, 2023


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Tax incentives positively impacts the OS

Outsource Fiji plans to explore a diversified range of offshore markets in the coming months with the aim of creating more employment opportunities for Fijians.

President James Mastapha says they met with potential businesses in the European market alongside Investment Fiji who have shown interest in Fiji’s outsourcing industry.

Mastapha says the fruitful discussions have led to a UK-based business setting up its operations in Suva.

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The tax incentives provided by the government is working in favour of the outsourcing sector.

“This is evident, as Fiji has managed to secure its position largely in the Australian market, which has attracted major and renowned businesses to reposition their operations in Fiji.”

Mastapha says Outsourcing Fiji is slowly spreading its wings to other markets.

In total, four new BPO businesses have set up in Fiji in the midst of a pandemic, while another five potential leads are being followed by Investment Fiji.

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