February 2, 2023


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Suvavou volleyball plan for more competition

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The organizers of the Suvavou Volleyball Association competition have set their sights on hosting more tournaments this year.

Suvavou committee member John Tuilau says since its inception 28 years ago, the tournament has grown and they hope to make this a monthly event.

Tuilau says this will also be an avenue to select players to be part of their Suvavou team as they prepare for other upcoming tournaments.

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“It has definitely grown over the years and it has produced alot of good results. Most of our boys over the years have joined the Fiji team. The women’s and boys, there is a lot of team coming up.”

The quarterfinal is currently underway at the Delainavesi court in Lami where Adako meets Nailoni, Wainidinu faces Cross Road, Ucuna takes on Taba 2 and Toba 1 battles Adako.

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