February 2, 2023


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Supply chain disruptions slows hotel development

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Continued disruption in the global supply chain is slowing down the development of the hotel sector.

President of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association Brian Kirsch says a lack of building materials is slowing expansion and renovation projects.

Kirsch says the disruption is a direct consequence of the Russia -Ukraine war.

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President of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association Brian Kirsch. 

“That’s been an ongoing challenge, the supply chain issues. I mean, it wasn’t very long ago that we couldn’t get plywood and so basic building supplies aren’t there, and of course, the continual challenges with China, Australia, and New Zealand has really slowed everything down and it’s making it harder for our members to deliver the service that we need to.”

He adds there is a bottleneck effect in the global supply chain which is making most hotels unable to provide tourists with full service because the supply of goods to enhance services is affected.

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