February 4, 2023


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Serial sperm donor Kyle Gordy detained in Fiji

Serial sperm donor Kyle Gordy, pictured at Nadi International Airport, has been denied entry into New Zealand.

A serial sperm donor with nearly 60 biological children has been detained in Fiji on his way to New Zealand where he’d planned to do a “donation tour” to create Kiwi babies.

US man Kyle Gordy, who has 47 children around the world and another 11 on the way, told the Herald he was stopped at Nadi International Airport after a flight from Los Angeles this morning. He will now be deported.

“I landed – and this is where it gets weird – I’m in the line for 30 or 40 minutes, the guy looks at his computer and says, ‘I need to take you aside for something’. I got nervous. First, they asked me some basic questions … why am I going to New Zealand?”

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Gordy said Fiji authorities then called Immigration New Zealand and put him on the phone to them. He spoke to a woman for about 20 minutes, telling her he was travelling to the country for tourism, citing hot spots like Hobbiton and Queenstown.

“She said, “Is there anything else I need to know?”

He told her he was going to visit a friend named Adam Hooper, an Australian serial sperm donor with more than 20 children in different countries. Hooper arrived in the country yesterday and told the Herald he has donated to two women.

Gordy also gave the name of a Wellington woman who he’d hoped to donate sperm too, although he didn’t give Immigration the reason he was seeing her.

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Gordy said the immigration official “told me, unfortunately, we have emails that show you are coming for another reason. You have an online presence. She said they’re not letting me in. She said I wasn’t honest. I don’t think I have to tell them I’m coming to donate. I’m also coming to sightsee.”

Gordy advertises his services on Facebook and uses either artificial or natural insemination methods.

He believes his visa was cancelled because he didn’t admit to being a donor. He also wonders if “people got crazy and made up stuff” about him online.

He was told he would be sent back to the US at 8pm but hoped he could change Immigration’s mind. He was waiting at the near-empty Nadi airport for his flight.

“This is crazy, just insane.