February 2, 2023


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Red Cross waits on roads to open

[Source: Fiji Red Cross]

The Fiji Red Cross Society says its disaster kit supplies are running low in Vanua Levu, and they can only replenish stocks when roads open.

Disaster Coordinator for Fiji Red Cross Society Maciu Nokelevu, says stock were already critical stage because of the distributions done during Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

Nokelevu says they have stock in bulk and are waiting for the damaged roads to be repaired, before dispatching stock.

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The society is also conducting awareness programs on Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue Fever and Diarrhea in areas affected by flooding.

“We have taken our attention to water and sanitation hygiene measures, so they will be messaging, there will be distribution of hygiene kits and water containers and we are working in partnership with the government, and should there be provision of water the well be providing water containers.”

Nokelevu says Fiji Red Cross is in the process to seek extra funding from its international federation to help with the relief program.

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