January 31, 2023


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PNG Chamber calls for curfew

The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling on national leaders to impose a curfew in the country’s capital Port Moresby.

President, Ian Tarutia condemned the violence that broke out in the National Capital District yesterday morning.

Tarutia says holding innocent residents and business houses to ransom is uncalled for.

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He adds city workers do not feel safe to move around, while parents, and children have chosen to stay home.

Meanwhile, the members of Papua New Guinea Defence Force have taken control of the streets of Port Moresby after citywide election related uprising and violence.

Terrified Port Moresby residents have welcomed soldiers in armoured vehicles after two days of chaos and fear created by machete wielding supporters of political opponents.

Only three days remain before the return of writs on Friday which officially ends Papua New Guinea’s National General Election.


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