February 2, 2023


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Plea for better roads for Valovoni children

Parents of students attending Kabu kei Nailoca Infant School and Bolawaqa Kindergarten in Valovoni and Saqani in Cakaudrove are pleading for a permanent solution to their worsening road conditions.

It’s been weighing heavily on their shoulders as the school year draws to an end, and preparations begin for 2022.

Nadogo Villager Ilaitia Nayacavou says he has been bringing his children to school for four years now, and the road condition has worsened.

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Nayacavou says he has resorted to taking his children on horseback.

“The only thing we need in this remote area is an upgrade of our road. It will make our lives so much easier.”

School Manager Iliesa Naituku says wet weather has caused substantial damage to the roads and villagers have had to conduct quick repairs to enable access either on foot or by horse.

Naituku says parents prefer horses because travelling in vehicles under current conditions is unsafe. Many of the children travel at least six kilometres to get to school.

Even kindergarten students as young as 5 are subjected to these conditions.

“Early morning they leave home and travel by horseback to school. Rain or shine, they are there on that road traveling to and from school. It’s heartbreaking seeing them come early morning, sometimes wet from the rain and changing into their uniform to go to classes.”

School management says a good road will ensure the safety of their students, and is are pleading for the government to look into their plight. Elle/.en

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