February 2, 2023


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Overhead footbridges to ease congestion

The Fiji Roads Authority will build at least nine footbridges or overhead crossings to ease traffic congestion along the Suva/Nausori corridor.

Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive, Kamal Prasad says these new structures will reduce stoppage time for vehicles, thereby ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

“One on Queen Elizabeth Drive, near the Cathedral School bus bay, another near Tappoo’s in the city and one near the Flea Market crossing. The fourth one will be near the SDA Church in Lami”.

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Other locations identified for the footbridges are the intersection outside the Fiji National University in Samabula, three locations along Ratu Mara Road including one near the TipTop factory, Nabua bus stop and another near the Ratu Sukuna Memorial School.

An overhead crossing will also be built outside Centrepoint in Nasinu.

Prasad adds the idea is to allow pedestrians to cross safely over the highway without the need for vehicles to be caught up at red lights and crossings and causing a queue which then leads to congestion.

“Endpoint morning traffic is Suva city. So we want to start from one end and work towards Nausori, and work towards Lami”.

The FRA will also be introducing red light cameras to stop motorists from blocking intersections by trying to rush through when the light turns amber.

Prasad says these vehicles get caught in the middle of the intersection and compound peak hour traffic.

The Ratu Dovi Road intersection and the Centrepoint intersection have been identified as the most notorious for motorists obstructing traffic flow.

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