February 2, 2023


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NZ Health Chief invited to Fiji

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Tourism Fiji has created a video inviting New Zealand’s Director-General of Health, Doctor Ashley Bloomfield, to visit the country.

Dr. Bloomfield will end his term as New Zealand Director General of Health later this month, and Tourism Fiji invites him and family to holiday in Fiji.

The one-minute video, called “Ashley’s Holiday,” showcases Fiji’s palm-fringed white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and, above all, Fijians’ inviting Dr. Bloomfield.

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The outgoing Director General of Health has responded to the invitation, saying it is a wonderful and irresistible offer.

He told NZ media that having been to Fiji, he knows just how much it has to offer.

He says the last two years have definitely been busy and he’s looking forward to having a bit of time to reacquaint with his Pacific ‘whānau’.

Dr. Bloomfield adds Fiji is definitely on my short list and I need no encouragement to get back.

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