January 31, 2023


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MSAF to prioritize safety of passengers

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji will continue to prioritize the safety of those that rely on shipping services come the next financial year.

Transport Minister Faiyaz Koya says MSAF has taken a positive step in improving certain aspects of its services that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

He adds sea transport is an important lifeline in Fiji connecting our maritime islands to the main ports as well as urban centers and must be regulated effectively and efficiently with safety being the paramount interest.

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“Small initiatives like this support the Government plans in modernising the maritime sector requiring greater commitment to service delivery. This is why MSAF is important – to ensure that maritime users meet all safety standards and its services are provided in an efficient manner that comply with regulatory requirements.”

Meanwhile, the Minister yesterday handed over a new set of uniforms for 26 enforcement officers of the Safety, Compliance and Response Department.

The officers are based at MSAF’s 12 ports of call across the country.


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