January 31, 2023


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Ministry will soon begin testing for monkeypox

The Health Ministry is waiting for testing supplies so it can soon begin testing for monkeypox at Fiji Center for Disease Control.

Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong says efforts are ongoing to develop genomic sequencing capability at the Fiji CDC which will provide greater capacity to deal with infection threats now and in the future.

Doctor Fong says as they escalate the community-wide infection prevention and control measures, they are also responding to current threats and creating community-wide resilience to upcoming threats.

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He adds the Ministry continues screening and symptom monitoring of travellers 21 days post arrival.

These are people from a list of countries with evidence of community transmission of monkeypox.

Doctor Fong reassures so far they’ve conducted investigations on 13 people who demonstrated monkeypox-like symptoms but all have been cleared of the disease.

However, there is confirmation that some tested positive for viruses that cause hand, foot and mouth disease or chicken pox, which are diseases that also cause a rash similar to monkeypox.

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