January 31, 2023


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Ministry deals with 13 COVID cases per day

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The Ministry of Health will ramp up its vaccine booster coverage program to counter the current increase in cases.

The national 7-day rolling average of cases as of May 29th was 13 daily cases.

Permanent Secretary Doctor James Fong says that currently, Fiji has COVID-19 primary series coverage of 95% and booster dose coverage of 30% for those 18 and over.

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Dr Fong says it is well documented that immunity from COVID-19 vaccination wanes over time and the effectiveness of protection against COVID-19 after a primary series of AstraZeneca vaccination is lower than with other COVID-19 vaccine products, especially against the Omicron variant of concern.

Since the last update, there have been 59 new cases, of which 24 new cases were recorded on Tuesday, on Wednesday, and 19 new cases in the 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday.

There were 26 cases recorded in the Central Division, 29 in the Western Division, 4 in the Northern Division, and none in the Eastern Division.

The Ministry of Health currently have 158 active COVID-19 cases.


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