January 31, 2023


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McDonald’s Fiji faces patty issues

McDonald’s Fiji hopes to resume serving its beef patty products in its outlets by Friday, at the earliest.

The fast-food chain announced today that its beef patty products such as Cheeseburger, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McFeast and Happy Meal with Cheeseburger are temporarily unavailable at all its restaurants until further notice.

This is also following an earlier announcement of its not having chicken nuggets product

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Operations Manager, Damon Gregg says the global shipping issues have caused the delay in stocks arriving into the country, resulting in the company resorting to airfreight of frozen stocks from New Zealand.

“The container ships have been late loading and late leaving so that’s the key issue behind it. We want the customers to know as soon as possible. We understand its very frustrating for the customers to come in, expect something and not get it. So we’re just trying to lessen the frustration on our customers.”

Gregg says Mcdonalds is hoping to resolve the issue by Friday, when its airfreight container, containing frozen beef stock is delivered.

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