January 31, 2023


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Kumar plans to visit more rural schools

[Source: Premila Kumar / Twitter]

Minister for Education Premila Kumar will be visiting many schools in remote and maritime areas in the coming weeks.

Kumar, who was in Beqa Island recently, says she wants to meet, see and appreciate the work of teachers, school management, and the community which are assisting the state in educating young Fijians.

The Minister says she is also making sure that her school visits are not limited to urban areas but extend to remote and maritime schools.

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During her visit to Beqa, Kumar addressed students and spoke to teachers regarding the teaching profession and met with the management and Heads of Schools to discuss issues regarding school operations.

The Minister says the government has been investing in the education sector.

Therefore, the Ministry needs to see that the government’s investment gives a return in the form of quality education for Fijian children.

Kumar encourages teachers and management to continue working hard because the students of Beqa deserve to receive the same level of education that students enjoy in urban schools.

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