February 2, 2023


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Kulas call for support

[Photo: Supplied]

The Fiji women’s football team is urging fans and families to come out in number to cheer on the team as it plays its first OFC Women’s Nations Cup match tonight.

The Digicel Kulas face the Solomon Islands at 7pm at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.

Head Coach, Lisa Cole says women’s football will continue to grow and the players need the support of the nation.

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“I just hope that everybody will come down and support the team. If you’re not the fan of women’s football then you need to hop on board. Women’s soccer is here to stay and people need to give it an opportunity to come see these women play.”

Most of the players told FBC Sports that until date their families and friends are yet to watch them play football in any platform.

They said it would be a highlight to see the smiling familiar faces on the stand cheering them on.

You can watch tonight’s match live on FBC Sports.

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