January 31, 2023


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Increasing demand of aquaculture produce in the local market

There is an increasing demand for aquaculture produce in the local market.

Fisheries Minister Semi Koroilavesau says this opportunity should be utilized by farmers around the country in an effort to meet the demands while at the same time generate income.

Koroilavesau says Fiji has sufficient land and relevant resources to develop a thriving aquaculture sector.

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“And it is a viable commercial product then I think people will catch on. Overseas is quite normal, they do a lot of aquaculture in Fiji its basically food security, it’s for the consumption of the family and only the excesses are then sold in the market but commercial agriculture, you will have to provide first in the market and then we will decide what the left overs is. I think we need to have that. Once the population is confident of the commercial viability of aquaculture, I think people will jump.”

Koroilavesau says developing the industry will also decrease the import bill of aquaculture produce from abroad in addition to boosting Fiji’s economic growth.

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