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If you have been struggling with dissecting the anatomy of what makes a post engaging on social media, then you are at the right place. Posting content that boosts engagement on social media helps you build a lasting relationship with your audience. It creates a sense of trust, loyalty, and understanding between you and them.

Many creators and businesses often try different techniques to boost their engagement but end up feeling frustrated when they don’t get the desired results.

If you are in the same boat, then maybe it is time for you to implement new tricks and strategies to expand your reach. Here are some proven tips that can help you.

1. Hone the Art of Storytelling

We all love stories. Thus, you should never undermine the power of what they can do for your content. Relaying your message through stories that are relatable, funny, thought-provoking, or even just crazy can invoke various emotions in your audience. When they come across such posts, they feel compelled to engage with them by sharing their own similar experiences or sharing your content on their handles.

Some of the important elements of a story include an authentic storyline, crisp writing, relatable characters, and an intriguing conflict.

2. Focus More on Visuals

You might probably not stop scrolling to read a post filled with hundreds of words, which just doesn’t end. But you might do it for an intriguing visual that caught your eye. This simple behavior pattern speaks volumes about how users on social media perceive visuals. We are in no way telling you to stop focusing on texts, but adding visuals makes your content easier to consume and understand.

Some of the best examples of visual content are memes and infographics. While memes can make any content light-hearted, infographics are a great choice for information-heavy or educational content. You can also use pictures clicked by you instead of stock images to make your post more realistic.

Learn the Power of Hashtags

The usage of hashtags has become common to such an extent that almost everyone has started using them. Most of us don’t even know the reason behind adding hashtags to our content. If you are also guilty of this charge, then let us help you.

Hashtags help you expand your reach by connecting you to the right type of audience for your content. When you use irrelevant or excessive hashtags, it decreases the chance of finding an appropriate audience, thus also reducing the likelihood of engagement.

To leverage the power of hashtags, conduct hashtag research and find a combination of high and low-competition keywords. Choose simple hashtags and make sure you spell them correctly. Lastly, you can also create a hashtag of your own brand or handle and use it on all your posts. This makes it easier to find your posts by just using your hashtag.

3. Use CTA

Add CTA’s to make your audience take desired actions

One of the reasons you might not be getting enough engagements is that your audience is not clear on what you want from them. You can easily solve this problem by adding clear CTAs to your post. CTA or Call-to-Action helps you create interactive social media posts by compelling your audience to take the desired action. Before you add it, make sure you are clear on the purpose and goal of adding it.

Do you want them to comment on your post? Add a CTA!
Do you want to redirect traffic to your website? Add a CTA!
Not getting enough likes or shares? Add a CTA!

Just add a CTA already!

4. Stay Updated On What’s Selling

 Post content as per the occasion, events, and trends for better engagement.

The trends on social media rapidly keep transforming. Hence, it is very important to keep yourself updated on what’s working and what isn’t. Keep an eye out for anything and everything going viral among your target audience. Find out what interests them at present and leverage it to attract their attention.

Remember that being on time is of utmost importance here. If you fail to leverage a trend at its peak, it won’t matter afterward. If you have multiple social media handles, you can use a good social media content scheduler to manage all your accounts.

5. Bring Your A-game With Authenticity

Being authentic to your brand voice is one of the most important aspects of keeping your audience hooked. Deliver content that is original and unique and sets you apart from the crowd. It helps your audience believe that only you can do what you are doing, and it will make them come back to you for more.

For example, there are various beauty influencers out there. But one such beauty influencer recently went viral for posting angry makeup tutorials. Her tutorials while informative, added a tinge of humor and were consistent with a style that was unique to her.

6. Use Content Created By Your Audience

Sharing user-generated content increases a brand’s engagement.

You don’t always need to create every content from scratch. Instead, you can repurpose content created by your followers and other users as well. This is how most people share memes, by adding a touch of their thoughts to already viral content.

Additionally, if you are a business, you can share content created by your consumers using your product. This not only encourages more people to try out your product but also builds a lasting relationship with consumers whose content you share.

7. Collaborate

Collaborating with influencers expands your brand reach.

Another popular trick to attract more audience interaction is by making collaborations. You can collaborate with other brands, influencers, or creators whose social presence aligns with your brand voice.

This is a fool-proof method to expand your audience base as it allows you to reach out to each other’s audience. However, avoid interacting with influencers or brands that do not align with your company’s vision and values. Doing this can backfire and disappoint your audience. Hence, you must take time to carefully choose the right partners after you have decided your goal with such collaboration.

8. Show Your Human Side

Irrespective of whether you are a business, an influencer, or a personal brand, we are all trying to connect with humans. The best way to connect with another human is to show them your human side. You don’t always need to stay on top of your game or try to be perfect all the time.

By being human, we mean showing your different shades of being human. Be it by sharing a personal setback you faced or any major challenge or loss you suffered, etc. This allows your audience to see your vulnerable side, connect with you on an emotional level, and empathize with you. It shows them that anyone can fall back, and it also shows your courage to embrace setbacks and acknowledge them.

9. Know How To Properly Leverage Social Media

There are thousands of social media platforms at present, and it is impossible to be present on all of them. However, you can instead choose a few niche platforms where your target audience is most active. The next step is to learn the benefits and limitations of that platform and master the marketing techniques implied on it.

To fully unleash the power of social media marketing, you can also use effective social media tools to help you get the best results from your efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect with your audience through storytelling and authentic content.
  • Stay aware of all the latest trends, challenges, and viral content.
  • Add visuals to make your content more attractive.
  • Add CTAs to get the desired results.
  • Collaborate with other creators and brands to expand your reach.


To drive engagement in your content in the long run, focus on building a connection with your audience. The more connected your audience feels with you, the less reservations they will have about engaging with your content. What we have shared with you are just the basics of boosting engagement on social media. However, you will still have to remain consistent and stick to the presence you have built for yourself on your social media to maximize engagement on your posts.