January 31, 2023


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Hospitals and clinics are in operation today

Port Moresby General Hospital. [Source: Post Courier]

According to the Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency Department summary overnight, two casualties from the incident at Sir John Guise Stadium is currently admitted.

One of them had a bush knife injury and Traumatic Brain Injury and is currently admitted and in stable condition while the other bush knife injury has a limb injury and is currently admitted and is closely monitored by the Orthopedic team.

CEO Dr Paki Molumi confirmed that there are no election-related deaths.

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The hospital and clinics are in operation today, however, are also closely monitoring the current violent and tense situation in the Nation’s Capital.

According to operations at the Port Moresby General Hospital, they have beefed up their security.

CEO Dr Paki Molumi confirmed that as the police assess the situation in every suburb, at PMGH, all vehicles and persons are to be searched thoroughly for weapons.

“Metal detectors are been used to search for anyone entering the Emergency Department, CED and consultation clinics and all other entry points into the hospital.

“The ED gate is in close watch with no guardians entering while staff are protected with security pickups and drop off including security escort.

“Locks are currently been placed on all gates including the mortuary gate within the hospital premises,” he said.

He said the Emergency response team are currently on standby to receive any possible mass casualties.

Meanwhile, normal operations for other private clinics such as the Paradise Private Hospital.

The owner of the clinic Janet Sios confirmed that they only closed their gates for a few minutes due to the misinformation.

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“We are now open and in operation, as we continue to monitor the situation,” she said.