January 28, 2023


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Health Ministry continues to send samples abroad

[File Photo]

The Health Ministry will continue to send COVID-19 samples overseas for genomic sequencing.

Minister, Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete says this is done to assess the situation in Fiji following the detection of BA.5 variant.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has now listed Fiji as one of the six destinations deemed as “high” risk.

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Doctor Waqainabete Minister says every country gives its own advisories but Fiji is transparent with its surveillance and data gathering

“What is happening around the world is also happening Fiji so you know there are some variants happening around the world. So there as we see, we’ve had a bit of a small surge and we continue to encourage everyone to ensure that we know we work hand in hand the latest layers there, which I keep on talking about which is surveillance screening, testing, the ability to be able to treat and possibly isolate them and contact trace the layers are available, including from the border health protection unit.”

Doctor Waqainabete adds Fiji has a planned testing program, treatment, and high vaccination rate and like the US we are encouraging all Fijians to receive the booster dose when due.

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