February 4, 2023


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Government commends Bangladesh nationals

[File Photo]

The government has commended the efforts of Bangladesh nationals who have contributed to the recovery of the Fijian economy.

Speaking during the establishment of the Bangladesh Fiji Association committee, Defence Minister, Inia Seruiratu urged these workers to avoid giving their travel documents to their employers in Fiji.

Over 3,000 Bangladesh nationals are in the country for work purposes and Seruiratu says they have contributed a lot to the economy post-pandemic.

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“We will continue to build, we will continue to strengthen this friendship and partnership because in this challenging world we live in, it’s only when we are united for the common purpose as good global citizens, we should be able to thrive.”

Seruiratu told these nationals to refer to relevant authorities for proper identification while in the country for their safety.

He adds while speaking with some of the Bangladesh nationals, he gathered that their passports were taken by the employers as soon as they arrived in the country.

“If these things are happening, please do let the authorities know because we want you to enjoy Fiji. You are contributing a lot, you are contributing significantly.”

There are plans in place to organize Bangladesh cultural nights and for the Association to get together for exchange of cultures between the two countries.

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