January 31, 2023


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FMF Foods Ltd. opens a breakout building for its staff

[Source: FMF Foods Limited / Facebook]

Flour Mills of Fiji Ltd has advanced its staff welfare and has opened a breakout building for its flour factory employees.

The building features an air-conditioned dinette, lockers, changing rooms, and a set of bathrooms.

This structure is dedicated to one of its longest serving staff, Jimi Taniela – the company’s current Group Operations Manager, a gesture of appreciation for his loyal and dedicated service over the past 28 years.

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Taniela says this is a milestone for both the company and its staff members.


“When the idea came out from our CEO and Marketing Manager, I totally supported it. Over the years, our people have been sitting in a … and having their breakfast or lunch, and their resting area was not very good—that’s how the idea came up. We invested close to $300,000 in this building. It’s a fully air-conditioned room for their eating room, and they got their own changing room, and they got their toilets separately.”

The company invested $250,000 on this building, which will allow employees to have their meals in comfort, their belongings safely and securely stored, and even carry out changes of clothes or freshen up with ease – before and after a shift.

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