January 31, 2023


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Fiji suffers third loss in FIH Women’s Series Finals hockey

The Fiji Women’s side suffered their third loss in the FIH Women’s Series Finals hockey tournament in Hiroshima, Japan.

India thrashed Fiji 11-0 to storm into the semifinals of the tournament.

World number 9 India, dominated the match, allowing Fiji to only have one circle entry in the entire 60 minutes, whilst making 74 entries into the opposition’s striking area.

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Fiji earlier lost to Poland 4-0 and Uruguay 6-0.

Fiji Assistant Coach Emi Nawaqakuta says they went to the tournament with their own goals and they have achieved them.

She says many may think they have lost badly, but they’ve made a huge improvement.

Nawaqakuta adds the last time they attended a FIH Series, they were beaten by 16 -0 and 14 -0.

She says the Fiji Hockey family is proud of them.

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