February 2, 2023


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Fiji Cancer Society reports an increase in patients

Fiji Cancer Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan

The Fiji Cancer Society has noted an increase in the number of cancer cases with 421 cases recorded so far this year, compared to 385 for the whole of last year.

Fiji Cancer Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan says the COVID-19 pandemic and associated health restrictions reduced the access of patients to health facilities for early diagnosis.

She adds with processed foods being found to be a contributing factor to the development of cancer cells, Fiji Cancer Society has been advocating for the general public to minimize their consumption of such foods.

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“And they eat with what they can afford. So if they canned fish or corned beef is what they can afford. Then they do that but you know, add other things, other vegetables to it to make it a little bit more nutritious and yeah, we as much as we tried to advocate and tell people you know, you minimize this.”

Chan calls on people to reduce their intake of processed and canned food, which increase one’s chances of developing cancer.

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