February 4, 2023


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FEO questions PA on financial policy

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The Fijian Elections Office has raised serious concerns against The Peoples’ Alliance.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says in a recent meeting with political parties, a representative from The Peoples’ Alliance stated that he completely disagreed with the Political Parties Act requirement for parties to state how they’re funded.

He says the question is whether the party has a financial policy on party donations and whether the document is publicized.

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The FEO says it is imperative for political parties to adhere to the Political Parties Act and to provide receipts to donors because they have also received complaints from political party funders.

“The People’s Alliance needs to come out clear on this as to whether they are taking actions to make sure that they have a finance policy in this regard. Political parties are collecting donations from the public. Where is the money coming from? Where is the money going? That’s absolutely important.”

Saneem adds that the Act also requires political parties to note down the residential address of donors.

“The law has been there since 2014 and this is a very new party that we know and you can probably assume that because they are so new, they haven’t really briefed all of their members on what the law is about and they are leaving it to them to cast statements on the law and PA needs to come out and say the first question the first question is on whether they have a financial policy.”

The Peoples’ Alliance has confirmed to FBC News that the same questions have been asked by the SOE and they will provide a response to his office in due course.

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