January 31, 2023


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Complaints are free feedback: Kumar

Nasinu and Nausori Town Council Executives after the Planning Day Agenda meeting in Suva.

Complaints should be valued as free feedback to improve service delivery.

This was the feedback given to the Nasinu and Nausori town councils by the Minister for Local Government, Premila Kumar.

Key stakeholders of these towns gathered for their Planning Day Agenda meeting in Suva today.

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Kumar made it clear that ratepayers pay rates because of the service provided.


“When ratepayers come and lodge complaints, we tend to look at complainants as someone who is irritating, who is bringing complaints on a regular basis, and you try to ignore that person. NO! Each and every complaint is free feedback”

Kumar adds that the council should always look for opportunities for growth and transformation.


“Again continuous improvement is very important. We can never ever be satisfied and call ourselves or call our institution one of the best.”

Meanwhile, the Council agrees that improving Nausori and Nasinu towns is a communal effort.

The Nasinu and Nausori towns have a combined population larger than Suva City, which means that the demand for service is higher in these two areas.

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