February 4, 2023


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Commonwealth Games live on FBC Sports

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There is good news for sports lovers around the country as the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation will show the Commonwealth Games on free to air channel, FBC Sports.

Fijians will be able to watch our Fijian athletes compete in various sports in Birmingham through Walesi.

FBC TV Manager Vinal Raj says a variety of sports will be shown.

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“We’ve got quite a number of different sports that we will be showing and we are sure our viewers will love to witness the. We’ve got rugby, swimming, diving, badminton, volleyball, boxing cricket and a whole lot more.

FBC Chief Executive, Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says sports is a nation building tool.

“7s is what brings the whole nation together and it’s great for nation building. We’ve never won a Commonwealth Games gold medal so hopefully this is the year that we’re going to do it and we want to be at the forefront to be able to bring to Fijians these sorts of games.”

The Commonwealth Games officially starts on Thursday and goes on until August 8th.

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