January 31, 2023


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Change to organic Pacific foods as we battle against NCDs – Rossi

Switching to organic foods can help Pacific Islanders in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases.

Pacific Island Food Revolution TV series co-host, Dora Ross says the increasing number of processed foods in our markets and restaurants has increased the mortality rate caused by NCDs.

Ross says this could easily be changed if we re-look at what we eat.

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“Our Pacific diet is healthy, our pacific diet is organic, our pacific diet is what we really need to go back to and it is simple food, it’s simple to prepare and this will demonstrate and show you how to eat health from going back to basics and not reaching out for the things that are foreign to us.”

Ross says Pacific Island countries are unique compared to other nations -considering the availability of food resources due to our geographical location.

She adds that it’s heartbreaking to see loved ones in hospitals suffering from NCDs.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Island Food Revolution series will be broadcast to more than 20 TV channels in the region including New Zealand and Australia.

The show will air from this Thursday on FBC TV.

PIFR is a TV-led health education initiative tailored to audiences in the Pacific that includes multimedia and cross-sectorial wellness campaigns

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