January 31, 2023


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Bulitavu applauds budget

Opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu. [Source: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji/ Facebook]

The 2022-2023 National Budget provides the best policies to help support businesses, provide relief to ordinary Fijians, and is a budget that is needed in Fiji right now.

While speaking in support of the budget, opposition MP Mosese Bulitavu says the budget has a very simple and logical strategy to help with economic recovery.

Bulitavu says it provides tax concessions to businesses and, in return, the government earns revenue from personal and income tax.

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“We must ensure the stability of our nation and the full fit recovery of our economy. Our economy is re-growing under our recovery path. Our national agenda is to guard our fragile economic recovery process. “

Bulitavu says the budget supports land use, which will help farmers and at the same time create more income-generating activities for our economy.

“$7 million for the machinery outsourcing, $1,5million for farm mechanization, $600,000 for ginger farming, $4000,00 for yaqona farming,$200,000 for dalo farming and $300,000 for rice farming.”

The Opposition MP also applauded the passing of the Climate Change Bill, which will help all communities affected by climate change with initiatives that can support them.

He adds that the 2022-2023 National Budget is the way forward for Fiji in terms of its recovery efforts, at the same time building our nation for better employment, health care, and infrastructure services.

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