February 4, 2023


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BSP commends Fiji’s strong recovery

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The Bank of the South Pacific group is confident that the Fijian economy will continue on its strong current recovery path, backed by business and investment confidence as shown post-pandemic.

Group Chief Executive Robin Fleming says BSP Fiji is the biggest market outside of Papua New Guinea

Fleming says almost 10 percent of the shareholdings in the BSP group are owned by the Fiji National Provident Fund adding that this is a huge investment.

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“One billion and 75 million KINA net profit after tax last year at a dividend payout ratio of almost 30 percent. The Provident Fund is able to benefit significantly from the great operations we have here in Fiji.”

Fleming says BSP Fiji produced the largest profit last year.

“Fiji is the bank and quite often that is the brand is the most popular to everyone,now Number one, has a profit of about $61million last year and by some significant margin not just most profitable bank but the bank with the largest market shares.”

BSP Life has the largest Life Company here in Fiji which has over 130 shares.

It has over 120 branches around the country.

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