February 4, 2023


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Ban on night spearfishing introduced in some islands in Lau

At least six out of the seven islands in the Lau group visited by a team from Conservation International Fiji and relevant stakeholders have agreed to introduce a ban on night spearfishing.

Conservation Fiji Senior Marine Program Manager, Semisi Meo says this is one of the biggest achievements for these islands and ties up well with their priority in the development of the integrated district management plans.

He adds this is a good decision made by the Vanua and will do justice to the notion of environmental sustainability.

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“That’s a huge undertaking and decision being made. We also see it as the biggest success that at the district level, they are endorsing that. And it was not only from what we were sharing in terms of awareness but it also the felt experience on the ground from the night divers themselves.”

Meo says they’ve also noted a significant change with community members who are now well-informed on climate change and the need to safeguard their marine resources.

“Smart fish campaign, this was much targeted towards trying to get communities to throw in what are some of the issues that they are facing and in terms of the resource management – what they can put in place that they would be able to resolve resource threats.”

The trip made by the team to Lau last month was a follow-up to their initial visit last December.

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