February 4, 2023


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Alleged car thief arrested within hours

[File Photo]

A man who allegedly stole a motor vehicle from Johnson Road, in Lautoka this morning is in police custody.

The man was arrested in Rakiraki.

It is alleged that the man drove off in a Blue Toyota Vios from Johnson Road, Lautoka after the owner of the car discovered it missing at around 4.30am this morning.

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Police Force Chief of Operations ACP Abdul Khan says once the report was received, officers in the Western Division started communicating on tracking down the vehicle.

He says roadblocks were erected, Dog Unit along with Crime Scene Investigation team were deployed to assist in locating this stolen vehicle.

ACP Khan says around 6am, the vehicle came past the Naidovi Checkpoint in Rakiraki where it failed to stop.

Police Officers chased the vehicle and found it abandoned at Raiwasa.

A K9 team along with Police Officers living in the Rakiraki Barracks combed the area for the suspect who was arrested within minutes.


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