February 2, 2023


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A budget for all says PM

[Photo: Supplied / Parliament of the Republic of Fiji]

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama says the 2022-23 National Budget is the most important budget delivered by the government to date.

In his budget response, the Prime Minister says Fijian families need support, and they need it now.

Bainimarama says the budget’s expenditure is balanced, disciplined, and responsible.

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He says its social support is fair and compassionate and the policies are proactive and pro-growth.

“When Fiji needed are clear vision and decisive leadership, my government supplied it and when we call on the Fijian people they stood with us.”

Bainimarama also responded to the one dollar allocation per child per day, saying this is not a fortune, rather it is a difference maker for many needy families.

The Prime Minister also hit out the Opposition for assuming the budget is an election budget.

“They’ve all call this budget an election budget,that is their funny way of admitting that it is a damn good budget. For the people.”

Bainimarama says the Opposition do not have any guiding philosophy of government or economic management and only seems to be driven by a desire to be elected into office.

The Prime Minister says the election is decided by the people.

He says the budget passed by the government is for the people and the government does not work towards an election but for the people.

He has also called out Opposition for calling the budget a freebee.

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