January 31, 2023


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$8M investment for Oceania Hospital

Fiji’s largest private hospital, the Oceania Hospital is currently working on an $8million investment to expand its medical services.

The hospital yesterday opened its new dialysis centre while construction continues on its new Birthing and Magnetic resonance imaging unit, Ophthalmology Centre, an integrated hospital information system and the general upgrade of the hospital.

Hospital Board Chair, Dr Wame Baravilala says this is their most intense investment period since they commenced operations two decades ago.

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“The investment initiatives outlined above are not the end but are the beginning of our strategic agenda for the future which are designed to complement the public health care system. We plan to work closely with the Fijian government under the Ministry of Health introducing new services or complementing the current services that are available in our health care industry. We see this as our current social responsibility and we are serious about it.”

Dr Baravilala says the investment re-affirms their confidence in the country despite the ongoing pandemic related risks.

The Oceania Hospital remains committed to play its leadership role in the private health sector.

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