7 Facebook Ad Campaigns to Run for a New Business – The Crowdfire blog

Starting a new business can be an exciting but challenging journey for new business owners, especially in the world of digital marketing.

Running Facebook ad campaigns is one of the most critical ways to find your audience and build your brand.

But it’s not as easy as just posting an ad and seeing revenue pour in.

To kickstart your business growth, your Facebook ad campaigns must be strategic, well-planned, and targeted.

And this post will help you with just that. Let’s look at how to plan your Facebook ad campaigns and the specific types of Facebook ads you should run first.

Strategizing Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Before you launch your first Facebook ad campaign, think about your overall goals. The following tips will help you build the most optimized campaigns:

  • Identify your target audience. Make different groups of target audiences if that’s relevant, and describe them as closely as you can, including their interests, age group, location, and so on.
  • Set realistic goals and objectives for your Facebook Ads. Make sure the objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely). For example, getting 100 new leads from running a 30-day ad campaign with a budget of $500.
  • Plan a budget for the campaigns and use Facebook’s budget settings to ensure you don’t overspend.
  • Analyze your competitors’ strategies. Check out what they’re doing and see what’s working for them. You can check out Facebook’s Ad Library for open and transparent information on ads.

7 Types of Ads to Run

Now that you know how to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns, let’s look at the different types of ads you can run on Facebook.

Now, since you’re a new business, hold off on sales and promotional ads for now. At this stage of your business, your audience hasn’t heard about you, much less know enough to buy something from you. Spending your ad budget on a ‘cold’ audience won’t yield good results.

Instead, invest your ad budget in the following types of ads.

1. Brand Awareness Campaigns

Establishing brand awareness is one of the key components of setting up your Facebook ad campaigns for future success.

Begin by sharing content via ads about your brand. Selling a product should be secondary for a short while.

You need to create powerful video ads talking about your values, your people, and your larger goals. This type of content can be inspiring and help you connect with your audience at a deeper level.

By launching such an ad campaign, you warm up your audience, and you now have a group that you can retarget with specific promotional ads.

Your audience will also be more receptive to your messages because they know about what you stand for.

2. Traffic Generation Campaigns

As you boost your brand’s online presence, remember the importance of directing traffic straight to your website or product pages. Traffic generation campaigns play a dual role: channeling potential customers to your digital domain and introducing them to your offerings.

Keep in mind the marketing principle that individuals engage with a brand around six to seven times before committing to a purchase. Enticing visitors to explore your blog, homepage, or product range is crucial for building these interactions.

Also, traffic generation campaigns align with the buyer’s journey model, guiding customers from the initial ‘awareness’ phase to the ‘decision’ stage. This approach ensures your audience is primed for direct sales later and lays the foundation for a successful Facebook launch.

Some practical considerations for a traffic-driving campaign are to make compelling ad copy and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to entice users to click through.

3. Lead Generation Campaigns

So far, we’ve looked at brand awareness and traffic generation as powerful first Facebook ad campaigns.

Another important type of Facebook ad campaign you can tie in with them is a lead generation ad campaign.

This type of campaign is perfect for collecting valuable customer information.

Create ads that offer something of value in exchange for users’ email addresses or other contact details.

This could be a free eBook, a discount code, a digital download, or access to exclusive content.

The best way to do this is to include a copy in your ad that invites people to take advantage of your offering.

And make sure that you optimize your landing page and add opt-in forms and other elements to make it easier for them to sign up.

By running this type of ad campaign, you can build your mailing list and target these leads with future promotional campaigns.

4. Engagement Campaigns

Engagement campaigns are a vital aspect of your Facebook ad strategy, especially for new businesses. These campaigns drive interactions between your brand and your audience through likes, comments, shares, and clicks on your posts.

The power of engagement campaigns lies in their ability to create a sense of community and build customer relationships.

They encourage dialogue with your audience, which leads to brand loyalty. This two-way communication can provide invaluable insights into your customer’s needs and preferences, helping you refine your product offerings and marketing strategies.

And possibly, one of the biggest reasons you want to run engagement campaigns is to boost organic reach.

As your followers interact with your content, their activity becomes visible to their followers, broadening your brand’s reach at no extra cost.

High engagement rates also signal to Facebook’s algorithm that your content is valuable, which can boost your posts’ visibility in news feeds. So, running engagement campaigns such as Facebook ads is a powerful way to grow your brand.

5. Conversion Campaigns

Now that you have an engaged audience, it’s time to focus on converting them into customers.

Conversion campaigns are designed to lead your followers through the buyer journey, from awareness and engagement all the way to purchase.

These campaigns should feature discounts, coupons, or offers tailored to new shoppers and existing customers. They can also highlight loyalty programs or special discounts for repeat buyers, encouraging repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

To ensure your conversion campaigns are effective, set up clear calls-to-action (CTA) that guide users through the purchase process. Make sure your product images are high quality, and use ad copy that’s simple and direct.

By running conversion campaigns to entice customers to act, you can maximize the potential of your Facebook ad campaigns and boost sales.

6. Retargeting Campaigns

As mentioned earlier, the more a person engages with your brand, the more likely they are to become customers.

This is where retargeting campaigns come in handy.

Retargeting allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your website and, therefore, have some familiarity with what you offer. You can also target people based on their level of engagement — for example, targeting those who visited your pricing page but didn’t complete a purchase.

Facebook ads are Pet Healthcare brand PetLab Co.’s bread and butter. Co-founder and CEO Chris Masanto adds, “Retargeting campaigns on Facebook are a highly effective way to engage and convert potential customers. By displaying ads to users who have already shown interest in our brand, products, or website, we capitalize on familiarity and rekindle their intent to purchase.”

“We’ve found this strategic approach keeps our brand top of mind, reinforces our value proposition, and addresses any hesitations they might have. With precision targeting and personalized messaging, retargeting campaigns maximize ROI by efficiently converting warm leads into loyal customers, making them a cornerstone of our successful Facebook ad strategy.”

7. Local Awareness Campaigns

Finally, create local awareness campaigns as part of your Facebook ad strategy. This is especially crucial for small businesses looking to be found in their local market.

Local awareness campaigns allow you to highlight products and services available in specific areas, making it easier for nearby customers to find your store or website.

For best results, use the location settings on your campaigns to target ads at users in a certain area. This includes targeting by city, state, postcode, or even specific radius from a given address.

Also, use localized ad copy that resonates with people in each different area, such as using references to local landmarks and events.

By running local awareness campaigns, you can ensure your brand is top-of-mind for potential customers in your area.


Setting your business off on the right foot is key to creating momentum and growing your business fast. This is why it’s critical to run the right Facebook ad campaigns when you first get started.

I’ve shared several ideas for the best first Facebook ads you should create when you launch your business.

Vary your ads, and you’ll see great results in a short period. Remember to test your ads with split ad campaigns and to track the outcomes of your ads. By monitoring and optimizing your ads, you’ll know what works best for you and get the best results from Facebook.