February 4, 2023


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$1.4m spent on general outpatient services

The government has spent more than $1.4 million to cater for the cost of general outpatient services under the public-private partnership.

Health Minister Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete, the program has allowed Fijians who qualify for free general practitioners to receive free blood tests, multi-urine tests, electrocardiograms, nebulizer treatment, oxygen supply and ultra-sound scans.

Dr. Waqainabete says general practitioners who prescribe medicine even provide medicine after hours when needed.

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“In April this year, the list of medicines had to be expanded to cover 140 items, comprising 136 medicinal products and four consumable items, mainly dressing materials. The government has also taken a prompt approach to ensuring affordable and equitable access to dialysis treatment in Fiji. First, we increase the subsidy from $75 to 150 for dialysis treatment for low-income patients and second provide in the private service providers under the kidney dialysis treatment subsidy programme.”

Dr Waqainabete commended the efforts by the Oceania Hospital to partner with the government under the GP scheme, which complements the medical services provided and ensures that all Fijians have access to good medical care.

The Ministry’s close collaboration with the Oceania Hospital will allow Fijians to have access to the high standards of clinical expertise and medical care and will ensure that no one is left behind.


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